The Contest: Honorable Mentions

A month ago I shut down the Fan Art Contest and disappeared into my command center in order to choose a winner. These things are always bittersweet for me because I get so many great entries that it becomes difficult to choose just one. Luckily I had a group of judges to help me out (and absolve me of responsibility).

That being said I wanted to take today to post some honorable mentions before announcing the winner next week.

So here we go.

Again, this wasn’t easy.

You can click for full-sized views.

First we have Sara Williams who set up a series of photographs centered around Matthew and Epp’s first scene together. She got massive points for effort and interpretation. I mean, she set up yellow tape around a nearby park for God’s sake (there was actually some debate about this, some judges were convinced that she didn’t actually set up the tape and that it there for some other reason…but that means that she took her models and drove around looking for a park that happened to be roped off with yellow tape which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me).

Thank you, Sara.

Next up, Chris Box gave me Hector and Nyx (he also submitted a Bartleby). There’s a lot of talent here and I think he really took the characters to heart. Plus he did wonders with Nyx in my mind. The look on her face and the blood soiled shirt are wonderfully deranged and creepy.

Thank you, Chris.

While we’re on the subject of wonderfully creepy, Jack Davies submitted this. Apparently Jack was rushed for time here and was only able to get a few hours of work in before he had to catch a flight and the contest ended, which makes this all the more impressive. I’m always amazed at peoples’ ability to draw anything that remotely resembles what it’s supposed to look like as my attempts at drawing all look like blob monsters. I obviously wish Jack had had more time to play and polish but this was still a nice entry. Notice the silhouette of Epp with his cane in the background…

Thank you, Jack.

Ben P gave us everyone’s favorite samurai in his final moments…as a mortal anyway. I liked the mood of this one, surprisingly thoughtful and at peace for a scene of such gravity. Plus there’s a rather huge soft spot in my heart for Kyo and I think this captures his solitude well. Not showing his face was a nice touch. Kyo doesn’t strike me as the kind of person whose face gets captured in lot of pictures.

Thank you, Ben.

Finally we have Nathalie’s take on Epp. Nathalie actually has a page over at DeviantArt showcasing her work and I recommend you go check it out. Likewise her other entry, as well as the entry below, are available for full view. She took Epp back to his classic roots, grounding him in an ancient Roman feel and showing her take on both his living persona on the left and his immortal one on the right. I like the translation of Epictetus’s name across the top.

Thank you, Nathalie.

So next Tuesday I’ll announce the winner as chosen by myself and my panel of judges.

And thanks to everyone who entered. I only wish I could sit and showcase all of your works!

Again, these things are always bittersweet.


  1. Michele says:

    These are so amazing. You’ve got some talented readers!

  2. Nathalie says:

    thanks for the mail! it’s a pity we didn’t get to see all the entries, specially Sara’s photos.
    it’s amazing that somebody actually got to take real pictures! the other ones also look very nice 🙂
    congratulations to victoria!

  3. Hi everyone,

    My intention was to rope off my nearby downtown square myself which I had yellow tape for. When we arrived to the square the city had roped off the fountain because it was being repaired. So I just used their already done tape job. I had no problem as to the models since I married to one and the other is a good friend. I will post the other photos on so you could see the rest. Thanks JD for the encouragement it was allot of fun!


  4. You can go to to see more photos. I took over 200 photographs – it was allot of fun!