First Draft is Done

Good lord that was not fun towards the end. I thought I’d be done a week ago and my beard growth reflected my misjudgment. Damned thing was a tad uncomfortable there towards the end. And shaving a beard off is very weird.

But the first draft is done! Whooooooooo!!!

Now for a very long break from my computer where I don’t type a damned thing. And then the rewrites start. And also I have to figure out the best way to release a new book across multiple publishing formats while utilizing the web to build my audience.


Hey! Here’s some pictures of my beard before it went bye-bye!

I like the third one because it looks like I’m eating my Rubik’s Cube.

Joe out.


  1. hate to see the beard going….it was a fine substitute until the Stanley Cup playoffs are back

    • josephdevon says:

      It was a fun novelty but I’m not sure I’m a fan of my own facial hair. Then again I did basically no grooming so I probably wasn’t helping myself out much…