Slow News Day

Between dancing extremely close to the end of this current book, my beard, wave one of family visiting and the holiday weekend at the beach I completely forgot to put up a post for Tuesday. I haven’t missed a post in a number of years. It’s sort of a weird feeling. Given my millions of fans and non-stop paparazzi coverage you no doubt read all about it in one of the numerous articles that have flooded magazines and newspapers over the past twenty four hours. There was also the special edition of 60 Minutes with all sixty of their minutes dedicated to my absence in their, as it seemed to me anyway, desperate attempt to cash in on the situation in order to snag an Emmy nomination. An excerpt is available for viewing below. This is from the segment, “Where Have You Gone, Joe Deveggio?”

God, 60 Minutes comes up with the worst titles.

Also, since the whole, “Wait a minute, that’s not a 60 Minutes excerpt!” joke was probably a wash seeing as how you could see what video was actually going to play the whole time, here’s another one. The end of this one still brings me to tears: