Are You Kidding Me With This Month?

August is just plain silly. The last week especially so. I’m getting emails from friends at work talking about their high scores at, you try and email around to get together for some drinks and you get auto-replies telling you that people are in various insane vacation spots for absurd lengths of time and, oddest of all, my favorite deli is closed for vacation.

Naturally, working from home, I’m impervious to all such distractions and have been a terminator-like robot recently in terms of rewriting.

Oh, wait, no I haven’t.

If it wasn’t for the greatest fans in the world (my fans) sending in their sketches this whole “Late August” thing would’ve seemed like a waste.

Thank god you guys are picking up the slack. Keep the work coming in and I’ll get back on my game here…soon…hopefully…though this coming weekend is a beach weekend and my annual attempt to turn a gigantic cut of pig into pulled pork.

More on that later.

Oh and if anyone has a great idea for a cover for the new book drop me a line.