Nothing New to Report

Today I went to pick up lunch at the local deli, Lansky’s, and I saw this guy filming a show of some sort. He was the runner up on The Next Food Network Star. I guess they gave him a show anyway even though he didn’t win. They had all of the tables in the middle of Lansky’s taken up and a bunch of people were eating some sort of giant meat platter. And then he was saying things to them and asking questions and people with cameras were yelling things. It’s always very weird to see a television show being filmed like this because unedited, and without background music and verbiage on the screen and interesting cuts…television shows are boring as hell. It was just this guy talking and you couldn’t hear anyone else, though you presume their fun comments were being picked up by their microphones, and it’s the same deli you go to all the time and you’re like, “What the hell?” And then you manage to catch the show when it airs and it’s totally different and barely even looks like your local deli.

Rewriting is moving along despite a fever today. I moved an entire day of action from Paris to Frankfurt…so there’s that. Really, as the title of this post suggests, there’s not a lot going on, though Part 2 should be released very soon to the early readers so we’ll get to see what they have to say. And a handful of busy artistic bees are making me more art for the release.

So I guess there is a lot going on but it’s Monday and so I feel like nothing is happening.