The Great Laptop Experiment

With family coming to visit for most of the summer I decided to try and turn myself into one of those “tele-commuters” that you hear about on the news shows these days. So I acquired a laptop computer and have been visiting with various branches of the Devon clan these past few weeks with the intention of getting my rewrites done while on the road. This hasn’t exactly gone swimmingly. I have a hard time saying no to my nieces and nephews so any request to play Candyland or make cookies or race Mario Karts pretty much causes me to drop whatever I’m doing and oblige. And then after dinner and bedtime I wind up sitting around talking to my brothers and sisters and then it’s late and I figure I’ll get some work done tomorrow. Only tomorrow has yet to arrive.

I really want to make this work and will attempt to kick myself in the tuchas here so that I can release this book soon and not ignore my family. I mean it’s only been two days so far so maybe I shouldn’t declare this experiment in telecommuting to be over, but without my desk and my morning routine to set me straight I appear to have the attention span of one of the six year olds constantly climbing over me.

Here’s hoping I can turn this around. Currently the only winners in this situation are the children…and who the hell cares about them?