Underground Grilled Cheese

We here at Joseph Devon Industries thoroughly enjoy anyone who is doing things completely outside of the normal areas of operation. And if they are successful in their endeavor that’s even better. Better yet is if they are in our hometown of New York. Even better is if they are using cheese. Lots of cheese.

Here is the Facebook page for a grilled cheese restaurant that isn’t. “Ronnie,” as he is known, will take your grilled cheese request via text message, make up your sandwich in his brother’s apartment, and then meet you on the street for a hand-off where you give him cash and he gives you a brown paper bag with your product. I would like to say that I’ve tried out his wares, but he has blown up in popularity so much over the past week that his number is now no longer available.

I also say that he is known as “Ronnie” because he doesn’t actually give out his real name. As has been mentioned, he’s completely off the grid, so much so that he’s scared of what the Health Department might have to say about this whole set up.

It brings up some interesting questions. I mean, in a similar situation if I text my friend that I want a grilled cheese and he brings it to me, should the Health Department get involved? Does it matter that I’m giving him money? Wouldn’t it be okay for me to reimburse my friend for the costs involved in making me my sandwich?  Does this constitute a restaurant? What is the nature of a food service enterprise?

And, most importantly, if someone is willing to hand deliver you a sack containing a  Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich…well does anyone really give a shit about all that other stuff?