Writing a Recap is Horrible

One of the things on my to-do list for the upcoming book launch, beta release thing is to put together a “quick” recap of Probability Angels to place at the front of the new book. I figure it’s been over a year for a lot of you and you might need a refresher. Hell, I wrote the book and I needed a refresher. It happens with sequels. The other option is to try and cram a recap into the new book somehow, but I hate doing that. It usually results in ridiculous conversations between characters that no real people would ever have. Nobody turns to their friend and asks them to please, real quick, tell them about all the events that happened in the past year which they were also around for but for some reason need a refresher in. And when I try to cram the recaps into the prose itself…well that just sucks too.

Unfortunately my recap method is equally awful and is resulting in a rather confused mess. Condensing something that you needed 100,000 words to say into less words is an annoying excersice. If you could have said it in less words you would have. Plus, as you try to casually lay out any information you think might possibly be relevant in the sequel, you sort of feel like the annoying kid who has already been to Disney World but is now at Disney World with you on your first trip who won’t stop fucking prepping you for every ride and attraction and making sure you totally get what is going on so it will be just like his first time through. “Oh my god you have to see the robot pirates! Did you see the robot pirates? Make sure you remember the robot pirates because later on? At this other part? You’re totally gonna want to know about the robot pirates. Because they like jump out at you and if you didn’t know there were robot pirates it won’t make any sense. It’s awesome. I mean it’s totally gonna OHMYGODLOOKOVERTHEREATTHEROBOTPIRATES!!! Did you see them? Wasn’t that awesome? With the robot pirates? Yeah I knew you’d like that.”

Which is to say I’m having a hard time deciding what parts of the story I can leave out and what parts need to be retold in this less than stellar format.

Also…fuck that kid. Fuck him right in the ear.