My Dog Ate It

I swear I had this hilarious and illuminating post idea for today but I lost it. I know exactly where I lost it, too. I lost it at the Midtown Wendy’s where I grabbed lunch . I walked into that place and my brain died. It was the weirdest mix of people and lunatics and one guy who swore he was a wizard and all rational thought left my head. I did get a tasty cheeseburger out of it, though, so I’m happy with how everything turned out.

I like cheeseburgers.

Rewrites are moving along. I’m back at my desk daily and what seemed like a huge pile words to sort through is quickly being tamed. Part 3 is done and has been mailed off to early readers and art for my countdown to release is starting to stream in.

Things are good.

I would mention here when, exactly, I expect to release the book but the last time I wrote a deadline down in a post I fell laughably short of said deadline, so until I’ve actually got the cannon loaded and the enemy in my sights I’m not giong to light the fuse.

That…was sort of an unexpected metaphor. What sort of canon were you picturing? Cause I was picturing like a pirate canon.