New Widget

Actually there are two new widgets. Or one new widget and one old widget with new information. Or…yeah. Look. In the lower right where the word count for the current book used to be there is now my progress on the initial read through. It will be updated daily or whenever I remember to update it. When I get through the whole thing there’ll still be some work left as I do more polishing and finalize the release but it’s a pretty good barometer for my progress as far as they go. Because I’m awash in barometers. There are like sixty piled up behind my couch.

Also, on the various book and story pages there will be a donation box so you can give me money. People keep asking me about that. When I started this site the notion of reading an entire book on your computer seemed silly to me. Now I read entire books on my phone. I find that so weird but with it getting easier and easier to utilize the various e-formats offered on the page it makes sense to throw a donation box in there so people can chip in when they download something. Actually it started making sense to do that like a year ago but I move slowly in these matters.

The thumbnail for today’s post was what showed up when I searched for pictures of “widgets.”

So that’s what they look like.