You’ve Done it Again, Hollywood!

Living in Manhattan you get pretty used to movies and television shows being filmed all around you. In fact you get so used to it that it can sort of become annoying. Nobody likes having to wait to get to their home because Law and Order hasn’t gotten their best take in yet. And then there are the times that they take over an entire street, shutting things down and blocking off all the parking and traffic. It’s quite a power these movie magicians wield and, somehow, they carry it all out simply by putting sheets of paper up everywhere. Like this one:

These things go up and The Smurf Movie can magically shut down a New York City avenue. I don’t quite get it. But, you know, that’s the smurfs and all.

This morning I found this on all the lamp posts:


Celebrity Ghost Stories?

High holy hell someone please tell me what that’s all about?