Foreign Languages Are Funny

The magical works of Walt Disney have spanned the globe and found their way into every culture imaginable. During this process they, naturally, were translated into every language you can think of. When you throw YouTube into this equation you wind up with the ability to see your favorite childhood songs sung in utterly unintelligible gibberish (assuming, you know, you don’t speak the foreign language in question). The result is…well I don’t know what the result is but it’s entertaining:

My preference lies with the Asian translations. Here is the Japanese version of “Under the Sea.” The only video I could find was taken from a video game…which makes sense all things considered.

This one is fascinating, it’s nearly every version of Timon and Pumba’s hula dance strung together:

It’s probably worth mentioning that the results aren’t necessarily funny. I mean the above songs are all sort of the “silly songs” of the movies. It isn’t surprising that the translations wind up being rather slap-stick (though apparently pulling off “silly” in German is a challenge).

I offer the Russian “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” as a counter example.

I rather enjoy that version.

We’ll end by going back to bat-shit crazy with the Finnish version of “Yummy Yummy Yummy I’ve Got Bugs in my Tummy.” I get the feeling that even if you speak Finnish this still seems like insanity.