It’s very weird what happens to one’s workspace while suffering from a tweaked shoulder, or torn muscle…or whatever the hell is wrong with me. In a mere three days everything has had to shift ever so slightly. Working at my desk for even short periods of time is problematic, my hand starts to hurt like hell, so there are now various mobile stations where work of sorts is performed all over my room. My ottoman has filled in heroically as a desk as have a chest-high set of drawers. Bits of tabletop that I never knew existed are suddenly the natural place for notebook and my laptop. Also, my ass hurts from sitting on the floor so much.

You never really think about how everything around you is shaped so as to serve the average human body functioning in it’s average range. Take something like “sitting in a chair” out of y0ur repertoire and suddenly it’s like furniture designers are freaking mad men. Or sadists. Or Willy Wonka.

But my arm is getting better and we’re crunching along as usual, though a bit slower, and my response time on emails is horrible at the moment. Apologies to anyone with an email in my inbox.

I’m very much looking forward to when I can resume my usual routine of slouchy posture and desk sprawl and Cheetos consumption and intricate crafting of character and story into a novel.

But mainly the Cheetos thing.