Well WTF?

I have, roughly, seven hundred kabillion bajillion places on the internet where I have a presence. Actually that’s an exaggeration. The true value might be slightly less. But there are a lot of different places on the web where readers interact with my work and then can leave comments for me. And some of these presences are on sites whose rules I don’t exactly understand. I have the time, brain power and patience to really drill down into one or two sites. I’m a very happy Twitterer for example. While on other sites I basically just throw down a link to this page and then never revisit again.

Facebook is one of those sites that I do play around on a bit. Which was why I was shocked to suddenly, while mucking about on my page, hit a button and discover a bunch of reader comments that had up until that point been hidden. It was like, there’s me, la-la-la-la, and I hit this button and it’s all of a sudden PATCHOW!!!! and a bunch of very kind and flattering comments from happy readers appeared. It was baffling and annoying. These nice people read all about Matthew and Epp and then reached out to me to tell me how much they enjoyed my work and because I’ve never hit a button on my Facebook page that, quite frankly, I didn’t even know existed, I had no idea this was going on.

So…yeah. That happened.

Oh and this is what I was posting on Facebook while I made this discovery, though it seems sort of secondary after that whole wrinkle presented itself:

There it is, the new book in word cloud form. You can click on it for a larger view.

Why the fuck did I use the word “back” so many times? I just noticed that.