Everest: Tourist Destination of the Stars

I spend a lot of time researching Mount Everest. It’s kind of fun having a major setting of your book be someplace so exotic. And not exotic like Bali, where it’s a place tons of tourists go because it’s defined as “exotic.” I mean exotic like you die if you try and stick around for too long. In other words, focusing more on the “otherworldly” aspect of the definition of exotic.

Plus, just check out the view.

Anyway, while poking around for Everest info I came across the Google Maps tag for Mount Everest. Apparently you can leave “User Comments” on these tags. This is a handy feature if the place tagged is, say, a restaurant. But when the place tagged is Mount Everest the results are freaking hilarious.

I highly recommend checking them out here.

The guy who claimed to have “dropped his kids off for a day of sledding” may be my favorite, though the helpful warnings about mountain trolls are quite enjoyable as well.