One Giveaway Over, One More Chance to Win

My apartment is a mess right now. There are padded envelopes everywhere and books and letters and labels strewn about like some ancient mail room’s dross.

Over at they have a lot of great programs set up for authors to connect with new readers, among which is a giveaway option. They couldn’t make it easier and if you’re an author looking for some new fans I highly recommend it. I basically did nothing but click some buttons and fill in some fields and they did the rest. Just set up your author dashboard and scroll down and you’ll see the giveaway options. One giveaway I set up just ended but you can still enter to win a signed copy of Probability Angels by clicking here.

They make it super easy. That is until they email you a spreadsheet of addresses and you have to mail a bunch of books out. I forgot how horrible I am at this. For some reason the logistics of printing up labels and cover letters, attaching the labels, signing the books, and then stuffing everything together utterly eludes me. It seems so simple but then I get into it and I spend twenty minutes going over and over and over my mailing list because I know deep down that I’ve put an incorrectly addressed letter into one of the envelopes or printed an address twice and skipped somebody or mailed off my socks or god knows what.

Not to mention the guy at the post office who convinced me that I would be summarily shot if I didn’t obey the strictest regulations regarding Media Mail…not that anyone knows what those regulations are, mind you. It’s like some mad Kafka nightmare where I have no socks.

So, yeah, my first giveaway is done. Like I said, has a great system set up for this so if you’re an author go check it out and if you’re a reader there’s still time to enter for a signed copy of Probability Angels. Click here. Enter. Win.