Part 5 Explodes

Part 5 of the new book turned out to need a lot more work than I anticipated. I sort of thought I was all set for a nice downhill coast after Part 4, with minimal rewriting required until the end. Turns out, not so much. Part 5 was/is crying out to be opened up and rebuilt on some very fundamental levels.

Which can be annoying. It’s like you are required to jump rope one hundred times, and you know that getting over the middle hump is going to be the hard part. And you jump and you jump and you get to eighty times and you’re thinking, “Well all right. We’re on the home stretch.” But then someone comes out and tells you that you actually have to jump rope one hundred and twenty before you can finish. And also you have to wrestle a bear.

You can see how this might effect morale.

On the plus side, once Part 5 goes through the wringer it’s going to be a much much much better product. We’re streamlining her curves and implanting some switcharoos and by the time the wrenches are put away it will be very much for the best.

But, still, it’s kind of annoying.

We are getting so close to the end…


  1. Jack Davies says:

    Looking forward to the finished article!