Angry Birds Peace Treaty

Over the last weekend I somehow got roped into helping my mom set up her new iPad. I have no idea what transpires between thoughts in that woman’s head and the subsequent movement of her fingertips on a keyboard but it was one of the more astoundingly complicated processes I’ve gone through recently. And there’s only like ONE step in the process.

You plug it into your computer and then fill out the form that pops up via iTunes. Yes, we had to install iTunes first. And, yes, there were some agreements to accept and settings to tinker with. And, yes, those were hellish too. But there was a form in there consisting of four inputs: E-mail Address, Confirm E-mail Addresss, Password, Confirm Password. And it took about twenty minutes. The capslock constantly got switched on by accident, passwords got entered into email fields and for some reason my email got entered in at one point.

Utterly astounding.

However we did manage to get the thing set up and I downloaded the Angry Birds app for my mom to play. This was either a brilliant move on my part because my mom instantly took to the game and began to use her new present  constantly, or a terrible move on my part because my mom will never try anything else and is now thoroughly convinced that Apple has manufactured a $500 Angry Birds Device.

Anyway, I love that game and I wanted to make sure fans of it had seen this wonderful video: