Happy Holidays

I went out this morning hoping to take some photos of the city at Christmas time but without snow and without wanting to walk down towards cursed Midtown I didn’t quite manage many holiday shots. Also I was up crazy early.

So instead I have moody, mid-winter pictures.

Which are also nice.

You can click on any for a larger view, as always.

And one shot with a little brightness.

If these look a bit familiar it’s because these are all from nearby my apartment and I’m sure I’ve shot some of these locations before. I sort of have a thing for taking similar shots at different times of the year. Like this.

So no holiday cheer for me this morning but a nice mellow batch of photos instead.

Hope everyone’s celebrations around the solstice are going well.

And now it’s time for egg nog…


  1. Really liked the one with a little brightness.