How Persistent Illusions will be published (I think)

All right. We’re sort of kind of coming right down to it so here’s how I think this is going to go.

I have a handful of pieces of original art submitted by various fans based on Persistent Illusions. Once I feel the book is in complete enough order I will start a little countdown here on the site. A new work of art will be posted here every day over the course of a week or so (I haven’t quite worked out the timing) counting down the days left until the book is available for sale. I have a thing for movie trailers and teaser posters so I couldn’t resist doing this.

Now, pay attention, from the very first day the countdown starts the new book will be downloadable IN ITS ENTIRETY from the site as a Word Document. I may put up other document types according to demand and  my ability to create said document types without pulling my hair out.

AND, as soon as the work becomes available at the start of the countdown it will be eligible for The Great Typo Hunt.

The goal here is to give all you die-hards out there who pester me constantly about getting a chance to read this thing (i.e. the greatest fans in the world) an early chance to read it while helping me clear up those last few typos before it gets officially “published.” Think of it as the book’s beta release. I may put together more interesting prizes for the person who catches the most typos or who finishes first or something…that’s being toyed around with.

Then, once the countdown has wound its way to zero the book will become available in every outlet I can muster…mainly via Amazon, though, in paperback and Kindle forms. I’m going to try and time it so it appears perfectly in sync with the end of the countdown but that’s a little tricky considering there are some delays between me submitting it and when it goes live. But it’ll be close enough I assure you.

And that, as they say, is the plan, Stan. At least until I think of something better.

Thoughts and ideas appreciated.

Ego Surfing

I’m currently eagerly sitting here, with all music and television paused, waiting for an email from The Twilight Forums to come through giving me my password to their site. Yes, I’m a fourteen year old girl.

Okay, I’m not a fourteen year old girl but earlier this evening I Googled myself and apparently I’m chatted about for some reason on this forum. Only you can’t read the forum without being a member so I have, officially, signed myself up as a member of The Twilight Forums. It’s a proud day for me.

Anyway, for those who enjoy hearing other people’s thoughts on Probability Angels there are some interesting one’s up over at the GoodReads site. My favorites are here, here and here.

If you have no interest in hearing other people talk about my words but are mainly interested in reading more of my words, then I have good news there too. The first read-through is so so so so so so close to being done that I want to say it’s already done because I may very well finish it up tonight. However, I’ve been bit in the ass by my own predictions too many times to do that so I’ll just say that this book is going to be a reality for all you wonderful people very soon.

Oh man I can’t wait for that Twilight forum to email me back…


If you’re wondering how I’m spending my free time these last few days, picture me sitting Indian style on my couch, my laptop in front of me, thin beard on my face, plodding my way through the last 50 pages of rewrites. There’s probably some Chinese food nearby and a Mountain Dew on my lap.

I don’t know what pot holes are looming ahead. There may be huge time sinks I’m unaware of. But with 440 pages down and no signifigant rewriting that I know of ahead, we’re really coming up on another land mark: the finish of the first read through.

I won’t be done yet. After these fifty pages my first draft will be a second draft. The different between a first draft and a second draft is about as strong as the difference between just the frame of a house being up and a house that’s completely finished where you’ve just to worry about moving the furniture in. The couch needs to be changed maybe and you have to figure out where to put all the pots and pans, but we’re so very much further along. I know I keep saying that but once these 50 pages are done I’ll have the 13 or so items on my punch list to work through and the typos to catch. And that’s it.

Which is crazy.

We’re almost home.

I don’t care, just give me the iPhone

My iPhone is currently fading into uselessness. It’s been about three years since I bought it and since then it’s been running slower and slower. And crashing a lot. And arbitrarily deciding to open apps that I didn’t even know I had and rearranging my desktop and constantly taking pictures of itself. Also my voice mail somehow became password protected.

It’s getting sort of weird.

Thus I am, any month here, going to start shopping for a new phone. Which is a freaking joke as I’m not actually going to shop for anything, I’m going to walk into the local iStore and purchase whatever iPhone they hand me. The notion of even briefly searching the market to see what else is out there has never once crossed my mind.

I find this funny. I mean, yes, if I went with a new brand I’d have to figure out how to move all my contacts and other saved info, but that probably wouldn’t be all that hard. Conceivably they would even have people who would help me with such transactions in order to entice me to switch to a different phone.

But screw all that, I’m getting another iPhone.

I truly hope you’ve seen this cartoon already, and if you haven’t this sums it up as accurately as possible.

Why is that palsied squirrel rapping?

With the advent of the DVR, one is now capable of watching television commercial free. You simply record your shows when they air and then watch them at your leisure and fast forward through the advertisements.

I have learned, however, that there is a strange opposite effect that this device creates. If I record something in syndication on some weirdo network while it airs at an absurd time, I can wind up with advertisements the likes of which I’ve never seen in my life. As you leave behind prime time and premium channels and start recording, say, House on the Slueth network (whatever the hell that is) at 3:00 AM you no longer see ads for Ford and Budweiser.

You see ads for…well I’ll be honest. It took me about seven times to even figure out what this was an ad for. The first six times through I was utterly fixated on the squirrel, his t-shirt and the truly awful song that he is singing. At least I think that’s what I was focused on. The whole thing is so disorienting it’s hard to recall. Fuck I’m not even sure that’s a squirrel.

At any rate, I give you the single worst advertisement I have ever seen aired on television:

Fever Disco

The past few days have been a blur of freak-out imagery and time travelling. This might suggest that I was hard at work on the new book but sadly I’ve just been sick. Apparently it’s time for my yearly bout of fever.

I realize everyone gets sick and that I sound like a pansy complaining about it but I really do think that when my brain’s temperature rises it does things far far far crazier than the normal human brain. Some examples: I’ll think I’m in high-school again, I’ll try to program my closet, I’ll stare at the fabric of my couch for hours on end, utterly entranced.

Basically I become a loon.

I would love to blame the holidays for this bout of insanity, what with all my germ-filled nieces and nephews running around. Possibly I could blame them while stroking my green chin and knitting a Santa suit for my dog, Max, deviously planning their ruin. However nobody even had a cold over the holidays and they were long gone when my fever struck so I guess I’ll just blame my stupid immune system which functions on the same level as a Ford Pinto.

Anyway, my head is clearing and my couch fibers seems far less fascinating so I think I’m out of the woods here and ready to finally wrap up this book in the new year.