Ego Surfing

I’m currently eagerly sitting here, with all music and television paused, waiting for an email from The Twilight Forums to come through giving me my password to their site. Yes, I’m a fourteen year old girl.

Okay, I’m not a fourteen year old girl but earlier this evening I Googled myself and apparently I’m chatted about for some reason on this forum. Only you can’t read the forum without being a member so I have, officially, signed myself up as a member of The Twilight Forums. It’s a proud day for me.

Anyway, for those who enjoy hearing other people’s thoughts on Probability Angels there are some interesting one’s up over at the GoodReads site. My favorites are here, here and here.

If you have no interest in hearing other people talk about my words but are mainly interested in reading more of my words, then I have good news there too. The first read-through is so so so so so so close to being done that I want to say it’s already done because I may very well finish it up tonight. However, I’ve been bit in the ass by my own predictions too many times to do that so I’ll just say that this book is going to be a reality for all you wonderful people very soon.

Oh man I can’t wait for that Twilight forum to email me back…


  1. Can’t wait to hear what you find out! Great reviews. M


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