If you’re wondering how I’m spending my free time these last few days, picture me sitting Indian style on my couch, my laptop in front of me, thin beard on my face, plodding my way through the last 50 pages of rewrites. There’s probably some Chinese food nearby and a Mountain Dew on my lap.

I don’t know what pot holes are looming ahead. There may be huge time sinks I’m unaware of. But with 440 pages down and no signifigant rewriting that I know of ahead, we’re really coming up on another land mark: the finish of the first read through.

I won’t be done yet. After these fifty pages my first draft will be a second draft. The different between a first draft and a second draft is about as strong as the difference between just the frame of a house being up and a house that’s completely finished where you’ve just to worry about moving the furniture in. The couch needs to be changed maybe and you have to figure out where to put all the pots and pans, but we’re so very much further along. I know I keep saying that but once these 50 pages are done I’ll have the 13 or so items on my punch list to work through and the typos to catch. And that’s it.

Which is crazy.

We’re almost home.