How Persistent Illusions will be published (I think)

All right. We’re sort of kind of coming right down to it so here’s how I think this is going to go.

I have a handful of pieces of original art submitted by various fans based on Persistent Illusions. Once I feel the book is in complete enough order I will start a little countdown here on the site. A new work of art will be posted here every day over the course of a week or so (I haven’t quite worked out the timing) counting down the days left until the book is available for sale. I have a thing for movie trailers and teaser posters so I couldn’t resist doing this.

Now, pay attention, from the very first day the countdown starts the new book will be downloadable IN ITS ENTIRETY from the site as a Word Document. I may put up other document types according to demand and  my ability to create said document types without pulling my hair out.

AND, as soon as the work becomes available at the start of the countdown it will be eligible for The Great Typo Hunt.

The goal here is to give all you die-hards out there who pester me constantly about getting a chance to read this thing (i.e. the greatest fans in the world) an early chance to read it while helping me clear up those last few typos before it gets officially “published.” Think of it as the book’s beta release. I may put together more interesting prizes for the person who catches the most typos or who finishes first or something…that’s being toyed around with.

Then, once the countdown has wound its way to zero the book will become available in every outlet I can muster…mainly via Amazon, though, in paperback and Kindle forms. I’m going to try and time it so it appears perfectly in sync with the end of the countdown but that’s a little tricky considering there are some delays between me submitting it and when it goes live. But it’ll be close enough I assure you.

And that, as they say, is the plan, Stan. At least until I think of something better.

Thoughts and ideas appreciated.


  1. WOO COUNTDOWN SOON 😛 We’ll see if I get time to read it, depending or not if I have started uni by then 🙂


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