I don’t care, just give me the iPhone

My iPhone is currently fading into uselessness. It’s been about three years since I bought it and since then it’s been running slower and slower. And crashing a lot. And arbitrarily deciding to open apps that I didn’t even know I had and rearranging my desktop and constantly taking pictures of itself. Also my voice mail somehow became password protected.

It’s getting sort of weird.

Thus I am, any month here, going to start shopping for a new phone. Which is a freaking joke as I’m not actually going to shop for anything, I’m going to walk into the local iStore and purchase whatever iPhone they hand me. The notion of even briefly searching the market to see what else is out there has never once crossed my mind.

I find this funny. I mean, yes, if I went with a new brand I’d have to figure out how to move all my contacts and other saved info, but that probably wouldn’t be all that hard. Conceivably they would even have people who would help me with such transactions in order to entice me to switch to a different phone.

But screw all that, I’m getting another iPhone.

I truly hope you’ve seen this cartoon already, and if you haven’t this sums it up as accurately as possible.