My eyes hurt and I’ve been staring at computers too much. I don’t really have a lot to say and since all my free time is spent editing I’m not bursting with blog ideas. But these are my recent thoughts:

What the hell is Nic Cage doing with his career?

Why is Adrian Brody making beer ads?

Law and Order: CI is, for some reason, the greatest show to have on in the background while writing.

I require noises in the background to concentrate. I would expect, in fact, just the opposite.

I need a hair cut because I look like Wolverine. I mean, without the claws and the grizzly good looks. But my hair is fucking nuts right now.

I really need a new profile picture. I’m embarrassed by my current one at this point. I’m not even wearing a scarf in it.

Frozen peas are freakishly versatile for first aid purposes.

The picture for this post is what popped up when I typed in “nonsense.” Wow. How nonsensical.

If you could name three things to be incorporated on the cover of the new book, what would they be?

I’m starting to enjoy doing research, which basically gives me the right to approach anyone and say, “I’m an author, can you tell me whatever I want to know?”

Oh yeah, and the Matthew and Epp stories are definitely going to be (at least) a trilogy. So make this second book last, okay?