Oh to heck with it, here’s Part 1

I tweaked my back (nothing serious) and have been sitting on my floor with my back flat against the wall for the past two days. Which, outside of the numbness in my butt, is actually a pretty good thing as far as rewrites go.

It is a bad thing, however, as far as cabin fever/dementia goes.

I’ve been keeping this book under wraps for what seems like forever. You’ve been hearing about this book for what seems like forever. I’m sort of bored with that whole situation.

So…here’s Part 1.

TADA!!!! (well technically the link is  a little lower down there at the bottom of the post)

This is still a rough(ish) draft and this is NOT open for The Great Typo Hunt yet. So, frankly, you might want to wait for a fully polished version. That’s up to you. The language is a bit rough but the story is where I want it. Also the the font is tiny so if you’re printing it out you might want to change that.

Click here to download Part 1 in Word.

Click here to download Part 1 as a PDF.

(and if you want some other version contact me and I’ll see if I can throw it up on here)

Oh and if you need a refresher on Probability Angels you can go here.

Spread the word. Tell your friends. Argue about whether it sucks or is awesome.

Go do that voo-doo that you do so well…


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