One Down, God Knows How Many To Go

Well I made it. I was hoping to get my first read-through in before January ended and I managed just that. Persistent Illusions has been read in its entirety now by at least one person on this earth: me.

Now all that’s left is to read it again, and reread and rereread it with freakish compulsive abandon that would probably drive you nuts if you were forced to watch it. There are, of course, typos to be corrected. And there is my punch list of ten or so items that I need to see to. But there is also the general polishing of details that can only come through reading a book until it makes you want to vomit.

I mean, I’ll be honest. I had no freaking idea what this book was about during this first read-through. I had a general sense of the plot but over the course of a year or so one tends to forget the details. So, for example, on page 25 Character X might declare that he has an exact knowledge of Character Y’s whereabout. Then, on page 55, Character X might declare that he doesn’t have a clue where Character Y might be found. And the weirdest part is that until I have a good firm grasp on the book as a whole, I don’t know which version of Character X is right.

So I read, and read and read and slowly all the little rivers of detail become familiar enough to me so that I can smooth out such bipolar characters.

The good news? This is a much faster process than the first read-through. I have little to no actual writing to do now and it’s just read and polish, read and polish.

Seems so simple now.