Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

Man I hate that song.

Anyway I was going to have a fun-filled post for today where I would unveil the cover of…the LAST book, Probability Angels.

“But what’s this?” You ask? “We’ve already seen the cover for the last book?”

Yes, you have, only now there was going to be some mention on it, like a subtitle, that it was the FIRST book in a series.

Dun dun dunnnnnn….

You know, because now that the second book is almost done I can officially make that claim.

But, since I used the drag-and-drop cover creator at my publisher, when I went to put the subtitle in I thought it sort of looked like crap so now I have to figure something else out or maybe tackle redoing my cover from scratch.

Also I think I accidentally shut off my book sales for a day.

And my cool idea for today’s post is now utterly irrelevent.

So…how ’bout them Packers?