A proof has been ordered


Though this doesn’t mean, you know, anything. I mainly wanted to start getting a sense of what font I was going to use as well as font size so I could start to get my head around how many pages this thing is for real.

Well, I guess that does mean something. It’s around 425 pages. That’s long! How the hell did that happen? And I don’t even think that the current font will work unless you enjoy eye-strain. So…yeah this book is longer than the first one.

That means it’s jam-packed with even more delicious goodies. It’s like if you had a pop-tart that you liked, but then someone came along and offered you a pop-tart that had twice as much stuff inside of it. You’d be all like, “Wow this second pop-tart is even better!”

It’s just like that.


  1. Ben Peng says:

    *sigh* I wanna enter the comp again, and read the new book D:
    But I can’t cos uni is taking so much time and I’ve only just started! What a pooper.

    • josephdevon says:

      I extended the contest date this year. It goes to Mid-June. Did that help? That was done entirely to give students time after class ends to enter. Then again I have no idea anymore when classes let out so I took a guess and hoped that June 15 was late enough…