2nd Annual Joseph Devon Fan Art Contest

So the contest is in full swing. Though I haven’t really given it a “launch” so to speak. I’ve sort of mentioned it here and there but being busy with the new book I didn’t get a chance to do all the fireworks and marching bands and dancing hippos that normally accompany a major announcement from Joseph Devon Industries.

But The Second Annual Joseph Devon Fan Art Contest *is* live.

More details are at that link, but basically: create a work of art based on one of the Matthew and Epp books and you could win a fabulous prize.

One note, though. I am reserving the right to push the deadline back by a month to July 15th. Last year I had a lot of people write in saying that they wanted to enter but that they were in the middle of finals and didn’t have the time. I tried to accommodate that with the June deadline but if I find that more time is needed for a lot of my readers I will push the deadline back a month.

Just one month and only that one time.

I don’t want people thinking I’m some unscrupulous ogre who will keep pushing the deadline back while collecting free art in some devious scheme to own all the world’s art.