In 1 Day: It’s All Relative


Aaaand Jack Davies brings us on home with the final piece. I’m not even going to say anything here. I mean the entire story is contained in this picture. I probably don’t even need to release the book this image makes things so obvious. But, for those of you who need some of the blanks filled in…

Book Two: Persistent Illusions IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! Drop by for details.

Bring your friends on board, use the buttons all over this site to share, and get everyone you know hooked on Book One: Probability Angels.

Persistent Illusions is available in many formats right here. AND it’s open for The Great Typo Hunt. So you can help me stomp out those last few typos while winning fabulous prizes.


  1. Oooh, yes. This should be the cover 😉

    • josephdevon says:

      I know. I was hoping it would be the cover but scaled down it just didn’t pop enough…

  2. Laura Coraci says:

    Can I buy the original of this one??