In 7 Days: Long Time. No See.


Ben Peng brings us this picture from <UNDISCLOSED LOCATION>. This guy looks a little worse for wear and tear. The suit, broad shoulders and mirrored sunglasses are a dead giveaway, but something about his ensemble is new. Hmmmm….

Come on back tomorrow for a new painting.

Book Two: Persistent Illusions is coming in 7 days.

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  1. Charles Pasadena says:

    Somehow this picture captures a man who looks like a 25 yr old in a banged up 70 yr old body. Nice.

  2. Laura Coraci says:

    Great Job but where is the blood?!? I always picture Hector dripping blood. He’s is so gross…

  3. Oooh, scary Hector. He does need a bit of blood somewhere, Laura. A great effort. Only one more week to go!

  4. Haha sorry guys, I’ll add some blood next time. I’ve realised also that I’m missing some shadow.. LOL fail on my behalf.
    Thank you for the comments.