In 9 Days: Everest Gets a Night Light

Mount Everest Gets a Night Light


Jack Davies, whose work you will see more of, brings us a shot from Mount Everest where newcomer Filip chills out at his desk while some of the new surveillance features are at work in the background. Come on back tomorrow for a new painting.

Nine days till the official publication of Persistent Illusions, people.

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Want an early start? Don’t mind eye strain? Persistent Illusions is available as a Word Doc right here. AND it’s open for The Great Typo Hunt. So you can help me stomp out those last few typos while winning fabulous prizes.

And keep in mind the prestigious Second Annual Joseph Devon Fan Art Contest is underway!


  1. SO EXCITING! Obsessed with this image. Love it. Getting the word doc now. Get back to you in 6 months.

  2. Very atmospheric – and a happier Filip than I had in mind.

    Now sign my Kindle.

  3. Charles Pasadena says:

    Great pic/photo. Thought it was a nude at first glance. Does need a little more detail….is he sitting on a chair holding a cup of coffee? Is that a super old cell phone he is talking in to? Are his legs crossed? What kind of chair is that?….executive, lounge, watiing room? Could be a sweat cover pic. More details would get people thinking more I believe.

  4. Laura Coraci says:

    wow! What a great image! Totally captures the essence of the testers’ aloofness to all things mortal and material, love it!!