New Short Story

One of the great things about being an author is that I can do whatever the hell I want to and claim that I’m doing it for research. This is a legally recognized stance in 47 countries. If you were walking down the street and I ran up and kicked you in the balls, I could claim I was doing research on what it was like to run up to people and kick them in the balls for a story I’m doing and you’d find me fascinating.

Along these lines, when some fans of mine from Twitter asked me to play Dungeons and Dragons with them over Skype, I said hell yes. And I can do that without you thinking I’m a nerd because I’m an author…thus it was authorly and I didn’t at all wear a cloak.

Okay, okay, so actually I used to play D&D with my cousins a million years ago and maybe I noticed that one of my readers rolled dice and maybe I was the one who asked him if I could possibly get into a game via Skype. The details are a bit hazy. But no cloaks! That much I know.

Anyway now I’m totally addicted and hoping to play once a month and the people I’ve met are awesome and one of them is working on a TOP SEEEEKRIT PROJECT with me


I had such a ball playing last Sunday that I turned it into a short story.

Click here to read it.

So far the ratings on it have ranged from, “Very very good,” to “Very very very very good.”

One little teaser?

I have a pet bear.

Fuck yeah.

Free Probability Angels offer to get your friends on board!

Tired of discussing Matthew and Epp with your stuffed animals? Sick of dropping phrases like, “Pfft…you’re such a Kyo,” into conversations and getting only blank stares? Are all those lawsuits from tripping kids on their skateboards trying to make them grow starting to pile up?

Well now you can get everyone you know hooked on Matthew and Epp for free and people will stop thinking you’re crazy!

Now until Memorial Day, May 30th,  you can download free versions of Probability Angels at Smashwords. Any e-reading device you have, they have a version to fit it!

Simply send your friends here to the Probability Angels page at Smashwords.

Then give them the super-secret coupon code: WH27P

Enter the code into the place where the code goes (I can’t actually walk through this process as the book’s publisher but I’m assuming it’s pretty self-explanatory) and soon you’ll have all your friends hooked and ready to shell out big bucks for the sequel…err…I mean dicuss the books with you.

Offer ends on Memorial Day, though, so start emailing this shit around, yo.

You Miss Me?

The launch of a new book as an independent publisher is a hell of a lot more work than I expected. I’m an author. I’m supposed to be drunk somewhere, instead I work at my desk all day. This has backfired horribly.

Still, I get to share my thoughts and words with great readers like you and the past week running around (digitally) announcing the launch of Persistent Illusions has been too much fun. And some crazy people have already finished the thing. It’s 500 pages! Stop reading so fast! There are two 5-Star reviews up already on Amazon and some reviews on GoodReads, none of which were written by people I know.

Plus I’ve got a Q&A going over at GoodReads you should join in on.

And there’s a lot more on the way, like finally showing up on the Nook and Sony Reader as well as a few SEEEEEKRIT projects.

But for now I’m just back to babbling on here.

No I have no idea what the thumbnail picture means.