Free Probability Angels offer to get your friends on board!

Tired of discussing Matthew and Epp with your stuffed animals? Sick of dropping phrases like, “Pfft…you’re such a Kyo,” into conversations and getting only blank stares? Are all those lawsuits from tripping kids on their skateboards trying to make them grow starting to pile up?

Well now you can get everyone you know hooked on Matthew and Epp for free and people will stop thinking you’re crazy!

Now until Memorial Day, May 30th,  you can download free versions of Probability Angels at Smashwords. Any e-reading device you have, they have a version to fit it!

Simply send your friends here to the Probability Angels page at Smashwords.

Then give them the super-secret coupon code: WH27P

Enter the code into the place where the code goes (I can’t actually walk through this process as the book’s publisher but I’m assuming it’s pretty self-explanatory) and soon you’ll have all your friends hooked and ready to shell out big bucks for the sequel…err…I mean dicuss the books with you.

Offer ends on Memorial Day, though, so start emailing this shit around, yo.