New Short Story

One of the great things about being an author is that I can do whatever the hell I want to and claim that I’m doing it for research. This is a legally recognized stance in 47 countries. If you were walking down the street and I ran up and kicked you in the balls, I could claim I was doing research on what it was like to run up to people and kick them in the balls for a story I’m doing and you’d find me fascinating.

Along these lines, when some fans of mine from Twitter asked me to play Dungeons and Dragons with them over Skype, I said hell yes. And I can do that without you thinking I’m a nerd because I’m an author…thus it was authorly and I didn’t at all wear a cloak.

Okay, okay, so actually I used to play D&D with my cousins a million years ago and maybe I noticed that one of my readers rolled dice and maybe I was the one who asked him if I could possibly get into a game via Skype. The details are a bit hazy. But no cloaks! That much I know.

Anyway now I’m totally addicted and hoping to play once a month and the people I’ve met are awesome and one of them is working on a TOP SEEEEKRIT PROJECT with me


I had such a ball playing last Sunday that I turned it into a short story.

Click here to read it.

So far the ratings on it have ranged from, “Very very good,” to “Very very very very good.”

One little teaser?

I have a pet bear.

Fuck yeah.