Art Contest Entry From Jackson P.

Upon opening up the prize packages to include an iPad I was immediately inundated with a slew of new entries. I was happy about this, glad that the iPad was attracting more casual artists to the contest.

I wanted to share one of these works which I found particularly evocative.

This was submitted by Jackson P. It was created using the “Cupcakes” app on the iPhone.

I found this to be a stunning entry.

The multi-flavored jellybeans, of course, represent each character’s constant struggle with their own identity versus who the world needs them to be. The “T” sprinkle, hiding in the background (as if to suggest the inescapably innate qualities of the human id?) is a wonderful metaphor for the ever-present, yet clandestine role that my main characters play in the world around them.

The chocolate frosting, as if I have to explain, is Hector’s dark undermining of everything my heroes strive to create.

And then there’s the coup-de-grace of the cupcake under it all, hidden by toppings, indiscernible as a vanilla cupcake or banana, a firm reminder of the ultimately unknowable nature of the universe in which we exist.

Brilliant, Jackson.

Just brilliant.