48 Hours Left…Depending on When You Read This

The Great Second Annual Joseph Devon Fan Art Extravaganza Giveaway Contest is coming to a close for this year! I added more words to the name because that makes it better.

You have 48 hours left until Friday the 15th at midnight EST when the contest officially closes. And then, to be honest, you probably have until I get up on Saturday morning when I get to my computer and write about how the contest is over.

So far there have been some great works submitted, the usual slew of drawer cleaning exercises, AND there have finally been some “cocktail napkin sketches.” Nothing technically on a cocktail napkin yet, but a few entries in that vein.

So go spill some paint or doodle in Microsoft Paint or craft a work of exquisite sand art or just have some fun with a sharpie and your forearm and make me some art.

Do it.

Otherwise Mary will die.