Art Contest is Done

See? I told you it would take me awhile to get my head together and officially end this thing. Technically the submission deadline for the Second Annual Fan Art Contest was last Saturday. A few extensions were granted…because I forgot to announce it was over. And because I’m nice. And sort of lazy. Also I like Cookies n’ Cream ice cream better than anything except for Heath Bar Crunch.

So the entries are in, except for the extensions granted, and I’ll get them together and run them past judges and do the hallaballoo like last year. It’s worth keeping in mind that it’s roughly 160 degrees out and I have family visiting, so it may be a few weeks until we revisit this.

Thanks as always to my fans who dared to throw their art into the mix. I love all of it and sleep better at night knowing there are people out there who actively want to take my 200,000 word long brain spasms and create their own art from them.

Stay cool, everyone.