Art Contest Update

Just to keep you in the loop, I have not forgotten about the Great Annual Fan Art Contest…or whatever I called it. I have been sorting through entries, narrowed it down to a handful of finalists, and hope to have a judgement soon.

Here, however, are some entries that in no way in hell are going to win:

Drawer Clearing Entry for My Art Contest

Remember that scene where Gene Autry had his face duct-taped? Me Either.

Drawer Clearing Entry for My Art Contest

I know this trick, people. I’ve cleaned out my Unpublished Drawer by mailing stuff off to any possible place that is accepting work, too.

Not sure why they both have cowboys, though…

This one’s the best, though. This is actually titled, “An iPad Appears.”

Non-Winner from my Art Contest

I guess he gets some points for not even pretending to be about anything but the prize.