I Spent a Weekend at a Haunted Sleep Away Camp for Ballerinas

My cousin is getting married next week and his bachelor party was last weekend. Due to planning difficulties and time constraints, his brother had very little choice in where this party would be hosted. The bachelor wanted a rural setting, just him and twenty friends in the woods with a grill, meat and beer.

We ended up renting this place:

Looks nice, doesn’t it? Picturesque?


Well the fucking place is haunted. And possessed. And possibly built on top of the ancient burial grounds of an Indian tribe that used to kill things and then fuck them for the express purpose of pissing off their sacred spirits or something.

You can read the history of the place here.

But I’ll give you the recap. It used to be a sleep away camp for young girls studying ballet. That was in the early sixties. Then someone took it over. I don’t know when, it doesn’t matter when, because this someone opted to not touch a thing. The place is run down, dark, and dusty. Which, whatever, it’s a cabin.

BUT, the hallways and rooms are also stocked with yellowed photographs of girls doing ballet that stare at you with dead eyes, or are decorated with tutu’s for six-year olds that have decayed for decades in the very spots in which they were hung forty years ago.

There was a mad collage in a frame of dancers dressed like demons cavorting in their black and white world like some Poe story about the end of the world.

There was a lamp shaped like a sheep that I think followed me home and wants to harvest my soul.

They also had wall to wall carpeting in the bathroom which is just…I mean Jesus Christ that’s a stupid idea. Trust me, there’s a reason you wash your bathmat every now and then.

We had a group of thirty year old men, many who had served in the armed forces, changing rooms because nobody wanted to be the only person sleeping in the eastern wing.

I regret that I do not have photos. It didn’t bring my camera.It was a bachelor party, after all, not really a camera sort of event.

Then again, if I had tried to take photos I no doubt would have awoken some sort of ghost who would have then trapped me in a frame and hung me on the wall and left me to yellow with age alongside of the other victims of this mad house.

Other than that, though, it was an awesome weekend.

Good times.