A Crazy Pirate Emails Me

I get a lot of questions about the types of emails I receive from readers and what my fan base is shaping up like and when book three is coming out.

The answers are: varied; scoring high amongst gamers, housewives, and dominatrix phone sex operators; every time you ask that I kill off a character.

I did receive one email recently that I wanted to share with you. I stumbled across a website where a women was offering to “sell you e-books and then ship them to you.” This struck me as odd, to say the least. So, I started poking around and discovered that the list of books she was selling included titles by J. K. Rowling, Stephen King, Robert Ludlum, and many others.

I grew suspicious that this random page actually held the rights to these books and, long story short, I helped shut down a pirate.

I recieved numerous emails from this person during this process.

I will include one here.

It is a vortex of crazy…like real crazy, not fun crazy:

Greetings,I am sorry that this offends you so much, and I understand, I am normally a single mother doing good for herself I went from 60k to less than20 k a year when I was told that I would be on dialysis and that I couldn’t work at all I had to foucus on my health.Futhermore my mom was ill right before this and my two sibling are younger and more childsh thanks any toddler my bother does not even take of his children, cheated on his ex wife, beat her, divorsed her with nothing, and shacked up with another woman for the last 10 years(my brother is almost 13) years older thank me he had a different father, and my dad raised him since he was 7 the new girlfrien takes his beathing, verbal, mental, phical and when I try to help he trying to go ape shit on me.My sister is the baby(6ys) younger than me I tried to protect her on a daily basis from my parents going at eachother throats, don’t get me wron my dad had a janitoral company making it quite welll for the 80’s we went to private school and stayed in one of the best houses in the neighbord, I went to church3 times a week, my mom workked for the state of micgan until she rited when she got too sick to work, she had a little hear attack, and nuphoma and her tb come out and spread, I found out after the fact that I have to have chest xtrays from now on as well as my daughter.My mom is onoxygen not and she wants to live on het own, but the once safe neighboord she lived in is a thing of the past, the 70 year old woman was held at gunpoint and beated before she passed from other injuries within a year time, and my mother thinks that it is safe with a alam, and she still leaves the door open somethime, and my fears are alive and wee, my brother is supposed to take care of her,he comes by doest talk to her bairly, comes around when her pension and ss check come in so he can get his orition case he olny wikes to be his own boss when he is scamming people:)My sister is a self centered biotch that thinks that she is a princess, I am to bllame I hid as many of my parents fights, verblly, and phically but she still has a rouch understanding of it, and when my dad drug habbit, and prosition became too much my mom finally got done when he broke in the house afte r she kicked him out for good \, he was a suspect in a robbery and she just timed and I think thats when her depression statred, thinkin back on now. at the end of the marrige my mom wen back to college, and one of her proffesors and her were very fond of eachother, she did not know when she made me stay in the libary of the school I let a guy come to one of the private rooms and make out, but one day he did not make it so I was snooping aroung and caught her is a very unladylike position, and all that ccame to my mind was (har har) take that dad you cheating slutbag of a hore, I men he maybe a friend or two would come back to the guys house if I told him, and I know at the time my dad had no soul nor love for any thing or one besides his drugs, women, power, respect, me and my sister sometime, and never mytwo sister and a brother that I just found out about a year ago, he will not tell me how to find them neighter, I t’s always felt like I had a piece missing.My child hood, I had alll the toys at christmas birthdays, snever went hungy till my dad left, got my hair done twice a moth shopping on a monthy basis, but I wanted a fammily that loved me for me.I was moleasted by a family member around 9 I do not think that there was any penetration, but I blocked out that whole experienc and who the person is my love respect and honor dided for him that day, to this day he has never been with my child alone and she is 12.I was the fat kid in the school uniform I am still the same higt that I was when I was 10, I got made fun of buy boys girls, then i started my period early wow , and dthen my boobs when from a a cup to a d you know how many fat ass bigtittes jokes there areout thhere, well I surived that hell to enther public school let’s just say it was the biggest mistake of my life I wanted to see what everyday kids did, even though I eas one of them now, my mom worked two jobs to keep the house over our heard in the two prior years he didi not pay many bills and he was homes, drug addict with a job, so whom doo you think the judge take sides.So I looked for attention in boys , boys, boys, never sex but I realized I would not be mu mother anymore and I wanted to get guys to do whatever I want back then my body was a hourclass and my toucge was the dagger, I was in jrotc, cheerleading, pom pom, volleyball, student goverment, studet council, drama, yearbook, etc. I was the woman and I got gifts, shopping spreees, expensive date, cash so I could help my mother out.I will fast fowrd to when I had to take two jobs to make sure my did not loose the house my dad I guess won the lotto alot without claimikng taxes laugh on me, so I had to quite being the popular girl and do what I had to do so I did not grduate 2 classes in high schooll and my gpa was over a3 at all times, when I expained to my mother sistermand brother, they just bought it I know they know but it makes me wonder how much love is there,.I will overview that time when I thought I met the knight in shing armor and he wisked me on my feel he was9 yrs older, and 3 months before our wedding in my house he was in the showe and his sons mother was naked in my bed and not a condom wrapper in site, so I went to jail that daylol long story. did i mnetion that i was pregnat withimy daughter at the time, and being in anger managemetn classes at6 month pregnant is not fun, so fast foward alolt of other shit haooend but I met another guy when I was 24 he was like a breath of fresh air he was tring to pull that I just want to be bedroom buddies, but he wanted to get closer still to this day he is two peple the bachelor and the family man.We got pregnant and I found out that my kidneyh are at 50 percent and I di dnot have any systoms, so I was in the hosipital7 times in 6 months until I started didalysis, but I lost the baby. there is not a day goes buy where I don’t miss her she saved my life that’s why her name is angel faith fitzpatrick, wee I got pregnant a year later lets just say even with a condom things happen, and no birthcontrol works owhen you are on dialysis II mad it o six months and he left me alone, since then I fell so hollow but I hide it well always have I am a great accctres, that had got a girt from god in nov 2009 and got a newkidney.But since then I had to put my daughr in therapy due to the fact that she wont atalk about me about my illness, and we are sooo close, I lost so many friends and family when I got sice I thought maybe if they start now my dearth wont be so bad even though when they needed me I was ther, so I sell these book, cause I need bed, my medicince I like to take and breath tha precious air every day is limited for me i am 33 in three week and I am not expected to make it to 59 howa that for bites ass my daughter needs clothes, shoes, coats, her meds, food, and rent I moved to one of the better school district due to the fact they can help with her learning disablies, so if i don’t eat sometimes so what.I am sorry I offened you and I can do anything phically anymore with all my arthris, migranes, immune system, stomach problem I have had three sughers since and have 4 more scheduled soon before the year is out thi is my life and I try I do I do what I have to do alll my daught has is me, so I am sorry I offend you and I just wanted you to know why thanks again and sorry ( and I will remove your book) sorry again 🙁 but to help you out here are some other women that sell ebooks1. http://myworld.ebay.com/queenbeecocoa/&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2754http://ebookcollection.yolasite.com/ and there is her page2. http://myworld.ebay.com/ann.tracy.marr/&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l27543. http://myworld.ebay.com/barienstevenson/&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l27544. http://myworld.ebay.com/jmiller2311/&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2754Jai:)
Sorry again and I know the choice I made was a bad one but my pills had to be purchased or I will be back on dialysis sorry email me if you need anything else. thanks again


  1. I’m of two minds about this.
    Part of me thinks, Ha! What a hoot that a crazy woman would respond to your attempts to stop her theft of intellectual property with an inappropriately detailed, and poorly paragraphed story. Hilarious!
    But on the other hand, there is something deeply sad about all of this. Not only in the story itself, but in the fact that she was willing to unravel all of this pain to a complete stranger. Of course the cynical side of me realizes its possible she’s making some or all of it up, but even so, reading between the lines it is apparent that there is something deeply wrong with this woman. Maybe I’m more sensitive to it now that I’ve got foster kids not who have actually seen stuff like this lady describes, but I can only hope she has someone around to take care of her.

    • josephdevon says:

      Yeah. It’s like I start to laugh…then that slowly turns into much deeper thought about this poor woman. The sheer length of the email starts to get a little scary….