Fan Art Contest: Honorable Mentions

The votes have been tallied. The phone lines are closed. The intricate network of satellites set up to collect opinions has been dismantled. I have my winner for the Second Annual Joseph Devon Fan Art Contest.

But that’s for next week.

This week is for the honorable mentions.

First we have another entry from Jackson P. Some of you might remember Jackson’s genre bending entry, “Cupcake,” from earlier in the contest.

Jackson P Entry for JD Fan Art Contest

I include Jackson’s work partly as a joke, but partly in earnest. A lot of people tell me they want to send an entry in but are worried that it won’t “be as good” as the other entries.

I can assure you I don’t care. I love everything that gets sent in that isn’t a drawer cleaning exercise. That’s why I have a committee pick a winner, because I don’t want to decide between entries.

Right. Enough with the warm fuzzies.

Click on the pics for full size views.

Here we have a rendition of Matthew by Wade Rasmussen:

JD Fan Art Contest from Wade Rasmussen

I rather like this take on my lead character (Wade opted to draw a “zombie Matthew”). He’s a lot older than most versions and he’s got a bit of a Sigmund Freud thing going on. I also like the way the otherworldliness is rendered, with the humans drifting along, off-color and ghost-like. Pretty cool.

Here’s a piece from Ethel Kambourian.

JD Fan Art Entry from Ethel Kambourian

Photography is the only medium that gets submitted here which I have the slightest experience with. That being said, I have no idea how Ethel did this. I don’t do much photoshopping but the etherial feel of this city street is a wonderful match for the mood of my books. Good stuff.

It says something about me that I always giggle when I look at this entry from Jack Davies.

I don’t know what it says about me, but it says something. Jack has a nice knack for picking out some of the more fun imagery in my books and rendering it in a metallic hyper-realism. Gross, isn’t it?

Here’s another, much less gross, entry from Jack:

A lot of readers have mentioned their love of Madeline’s scene in the park and I think Jack has a nice little work here capturing that. And please do look at Jack’s cartoon version of Kyo and Matthew.

We’ll end with this one. It’s from my sister so she can’t win. But she deserves mentioning too:

Tune in next week for the winner!



  1. Thank you Joseph for your comments, I had no idea you had posted it. There is no photoshop at all, just a pure image taken early winter morning, man walking through the wonderful NYC steam.