My Blog Tour

Recently I went on a tour of the interwebs, giving interviews and writing guests posts at various sites.

I’ve posted some of them in some places but now that all of them are up I wanted to list them in one place for convenience’s sake.

Thanks so much to everyone who hosted me!

First there was an interview at Back of the Book Reviews in which I my thoughts on Snooki came up for some reason. You can read that here.

Second was Donna’s Blog Home who actually interviewed Matthew. That was a lot of fun for numerous reasons and can be read here.

Then I arrived at Jacqueline Paige’s site for another interview. There I discussed how aliens implant their ideas into my head and that’s where my stories come from. You can read that here.

Laurie at Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews managed to score an interview with Epp himself. Check it out here.

At Sherry’s Fiction Writing Tools I gave another interview in which I waxed on about the Aenead. Oh yeah. Nothing gets ’em going like ancient Roman epic poetry. You can read that here.

Finally, I wrote down three quick tips for writing effective horror for Curling Up by the Fire. Fun stuff.

Thanks again to everyone and thanks to Fangtastic Books for organizing.