Probability Angels Role Playing Game

Playing HeroWhile noodling over the results of sending my friend @Rolling20s to a gaming convention to do some marketing, which you can read about here, a lot of ideas have been tossed around. Some in my head, some with @Rolling20s in conversation, some with my tarot card masseuse.

One very fun idea has taken root and will become a full grown idea tree in the coming months. @Rolling20s and I are going to put together a one-off adventure for him to run at gaming conventions of Probability Angels as a Role Playing Game.

Players will get to step into the shoes of a tester, or a rotted thing, or a Guardathing, or…well whatever they want, that’s sort of the point of a role playing game, and play around in the world of Matthew and Epp. Actually, I’ll amend that even though it’s only one sentence old: since this is a one-off adventure there will only be a few set characters for people to play and, no, nobody gets to play any of the main characters.

But for the adventure I have in mind it should be a fun mix of personalities which then get inhabited by a fun mix of real people *playing* those personalities as they interpret them, and then dice get rolled. Also, players will, in the current plan anyway, be interacting with some of the higher up muckity mucks of my world. Possibly with an ex-samurai. Possibly.

Even though it’s still in rough draft form it has been a great creative stretch to do this. I’ve never made a game before so there’s a fun freedom involved. However, I want this to carry the mood and tone of the books so there’s a lot of pressure too. I had to learn a dice system, we’re using FATE if you’re curious, which took some time to get familiar with. And currently I’m very slowly figuring how best to represent the various quirks, attacks, quantum mechanics, philosophies and such in a playable game involving dice.

Weird but definitely fun overall.

For example, while brainstorming player skills, I just started writing down phrases that sounded like they fit in with the world of Matthew and Epp.

Some player skills that have already been discarded (or were written down at 3 AM and proved to be utter nonsense in the morning) are:

Condensed Gravity

Ocular Manipulation

Quark Magnetics

Bone Spur

Atomic Humonculous

So…yeah. This should be hella fun by the end.




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