This Is This Is My Game

TypewriterThis is This Is My Game (haha…god that’s so confusing to type), a website that my friend Tracy, or @Rolling20s as he’s often referred to on here, has wound up co-running somehow. I don’t remember the full story. There were a lot of proper nouns involved.

He approached me about manning a blog over at this new site and we’re giving it a trial run, though it seems like it’s going to work out. The main idea is me comparing and contrasting storytelling as an author with the collaborative storytelling that takes place during tabletop gaming. Plus I’ll be juggling chainsaws. Assuming the insurance comes through on that.

Anyway, the current result is right here for your reading pleasure. Only two posts thus far but I should be popping up there every week on Wednesday. Just like I do on here. Only with a topic.

Oh, and the Kickstarter for Tracy’s new game, School Daze, launched yesterday. Check it out and support a great independent gamer.