How You Can Help Indie Authors

Young woman telling a secret to a manHere’s a question I’ve been asked a few times in the past month: “Where should I buy your book so that you get the highest royalty possible?”

The people asking were new readers who were looking to support my work and my life as much as they possibly could. It’s a lovely sentiment and it makes me warm all over whenever it’s expressed, but here’s the deal. At the volume of sales that I’m working with right now, the whole publishing thing is a losing proposition financially.

I’m a start-up company. A research project. The quest for a shipping route to India. However you want to think about it, doesn’t matter, the point is that there is only one thing you need to worry about if you want to support me and my work, and it isn’t money. Money comes later.

Right now? Right now it’s a review.

I need reviews and I need them posted on my book’s pages at the largest book store in the world,

If you use GoodReads or Shelfari or one of those services, reviews there are good. If you have a blog, reviews there are good.

But the absolute most bang you can get for your support is to post a review on Amazon. And it doesn’t need to be a lengthy discourse on my books, or an in depth discussion on their literary merits. Those are awesome and if you want to do that go nuts, but I feel like too many people don’t leave reviews because they feel like they don’t have anything important to say.

Well, whatever, so maybe your review won’t become voted the most helpful review of my book. But it will provide data for the Amazon algorithm. It will link my book up with other books. It will mark my book as a book with a readership, and this in turn will get it recommended to other readers.

So I’m begging you, and not just for me but for any up-and-coming author whose work you love, if you want to support them throw them some stars and a few sentences on Amazon primarily, and anywhere else you happen to post reviews as well.

That’s how you can help me. That’s how you can help other authors. That’s how you can help other readers find new authors. And, gosh darn it, that’s how you can help save publishing as a whole.

Please. If you want to back me, go to Amazon right now and write me a review.

I thank you in advance for your time.