Virtual Book Tour in March

nurture book tourI recently booked a virtual tour with Nurture Your Books.

For those who don’t know, virtual tours are when you and your book are scheduled to appear on a variety of blogs across the internet during a set period of time. This is sort of like what I try to do myself via cold emailing, but by hiring a professional I get access to a much wider network. And I don’t have to cold email anyone.

The great people over at Nurture have set up a ton of reviews and interviews (I think I’ve answered roughly fifteen billion interview questions) and I think a guest post or two.

I did a much smaller book tour back in the fall and was underwhelmed by the results, as well as by the woman I was working with.

I need to stress that the people at Nurture have been amazing thus far and I’m hoping to see much better results.

Here’s the schedule they’ve set up:

Probability Angels by Joseph Devon – NURTURE Book Tour Schedule:

I’m gonna be all over the freaking place and I’m crazy excited about it.

Also they made this:

Probability Angels Nurture Tour Banner

I look vaguely professional there.

I’m not sure how they did that. I think they’re magical beings or something.

Anyway, get ready for more of me in March than you’ll know what to do with.