10 Things Overheard on the Set of Luck

A few weeks ago HBO announced the cancellation of the show Luck before the first season had even finished airing. The show, an interwoven story line of multiple characters centering on a horse track in California, had a slow start but picked up drastically towards the end and could have really been a show to watch.

The reason it was cancelled was utterly baffling to me; it seemed too many horses were dying on set. Considering the show’s central theme was how all of the characters were made more human by their contact with horses, and that their love of these creatures were often their roads to salvation, I had to wonder what on earth was going on at that set.

Some light was shed on this question when I came across a tape from a hidden microphone capturing some pretty surprising things that were overheard on the set of Luck:

  1. “Now, in this moment Mister Hoffman’s character’s gruff exterior is stripped away while we close the scene out with him nuzzling the horse’s neck and the horse responds with gentle reciprocation. So somebody chain that fucking horse down so it can’t move.”
  2.  “Hey, they really do taste like chicken!”
  3. “Okay, as they round the final turn I want to see that, you know, ‘Oomph,’ of speed and pure animal power.”
    “Got it. At the final turn, release the tigers.”
  4. “Will you stop reenacting Ben-Hur and get the horses to set!”
  5. “Mister Nolte’s character had everything taken away from him when his horse was killed all those years ago for insurance money, his connection with that horse is integral to all of his scenes with that horse’s offspring, who he is currently training in an attempt at redeeming himself. That pain must be present, so before every one of his scenes I want a horse shot to death in front of Mister Nolte.”
  6. “Will you stop reenacting The Godfather and get the horses to set! No…no not the one without the head. Just throw him on the pile with the others.”
  7. “Here we have a synergy produced between Rosie and her horse as they cross the finish line, they must appear as one. Pretty sure our best bet is to lop off the horses legs, slap it on a table, and green-screen the racetrack background in later.”
  8. “I’m sorry, Mister Nolte, but your contract clearly limits you to three pints of horse blood per day.
  9. “Will you stop reenacting Braveheart and get the horses to oh fuck it.”
  10. “They eat what?!”



Tour Stops

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, early March involved a lot of me bouncing around the internets promoting Probability Angels.

I’m not sure yet how, or if, the tour is effecting sales but I wanted to share with you the stops I’ve made. There’s tons of fun interviews to read.

Juniper Grove had me discussing the last movie I had watched at the time of the interview, which was some god-awful made-for-the-SyFy-Channel monster movie, and what I learned from it.

At Darlene’s Book Nook I discussed my wonderful “Cats in Wigs” stationary.

Morgen  Bailey had me discussing how my collection of rejection slips once destroyed a door.

At The Book Faery Reviews I was asked what my favorite line from any book is.

MK McClintock got me to reveal who my favorite character from Probability Angels is.

Me and Reading gave a short review and asked me what’s on my nightstand right now.

Beauty in Ruins was delightfully surprised by my new take on an old genre in their review.

Meredith Allard and I talk about how the middle part of a book is the worst thing ever.

And Ricochet Reviews got me talking about the debate on whether Matthew is a tour guide or a hero.

Man that’s a lot of interviews…


We’re Going to the Big Screen!

View of PragueI just wanted to quickly share an email I received from a fan a few days ago.

This is from Roma Raju:

I’m originally from India, but I live in a small south bohemian town in Czech Republic, not far from Prague.

I’m supposed to be making a film this semester. But if you ask me, I think nobody should make a film or create any piece of art if they don’t have anything worthwhile to say. Well, that was before I read your short story online, Private Showing.

I loved it! Its very “Visual.” A beautiful story, well-told. I would like to make a short film based on it, if you allow me.

I’ve mentioned a bunch how cool it is to have readers all over the world, but this one really made my day.

I obviously told Roma to go ahead with this project (all of my short stories are open for this sort of thing under their Creative Commons license) and I was promised a peek at the final filmwhen it was finished.

If you don’t remember, this is Private Showing, truly a popcorn worthy short story if I’ve ever seen one.

In other news, the virtual tour is moving along and I’ll be recapping fully when it’s done, plus I’m posting links all over Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s the latest review if you can’t wait for the recap:

Probability Angels turned out to be, quite possibly, one of the most original additions to the theme that I’ve read in many years.