Recent Photographs

So I’ve been taking a lot more photographs than usual lately. I made a New Year’s Resolution to take my camera out with me more and I’ve actually been doing a pretty good job of keeping up with that. I also go to a lot of bars. So the end result is a lot of pictures from bars…well and some other places.

At any rate, I always find it amazing how easy it is to share my work on the internet, and yet how difficult it is to share my work. Most people know to come here for my words but I have my photographs up at Tumblr and Flickr (I just noticed the use of “r” with no vowels before it to end both those words…I don’t understand how the internet names things). Actually some of my pics have been pretty popular in those circles but I don’t know if those people looking at them there are the same people looking at them here and, well, whatever I figure every once and awhile posting some popular pics here isn’t a bad idea.

Plus, I’ll remind you that you can either check out my Flickr photostream here.

Or you can check them out on Tumblr here.

So according to the will of the people here are the most popular pics. Please click through for larger views.

Here is a beer (cider actually):

Magner's Irish Cider

Here is a bar sign:

Neon Bar SignHere is a three olive martini:

Three Olive Martini

Here is the 59th Street Bridge:

59th Street Bridge

Here is a vodka tonic:

Heaven is a vodka tonic

Here are some Gray’s Papaya hot dogs:

Gray's Papaya hot dogs

Here is a bird’s nest in a traffic light:

Bird's Nest in a Traffic Light

And here is some traffic on Park Avenue:

Traffic on Park Avenue

Tons more stuff up at the sites I mentioned above and, if I can keep up with my New Year’s resolution, more to come.